Returning faulty goods – your legal rights

It might be an unwanted gift but that does not give any return rights. However, if the gift you have received or the gift you have bought for someone else does not work or is faulty in some other way – or if it simply does not match up to its marketing boasts, then there could well be a case for its return and a refund, or at least a like-for-like exchange.

Most retailers do not hesitate in keeping customers happy but there are a few who will argue the point or refuse point blank to make good any problem.

Of course, the customer has to be certain that the product really does have a problem or present a problem, but if that customer is you and you are satisfied that you are right, then there is no reason why you should be fobbed off with something you don’t want or that is of no earthly use to you.

So what course of action is open to you?

Well, the local Trading Standards office might be able to help. They are quite quick to look at problems such as yours. However, you might feel that you are making a fuss when you should just accept the loss.

That is, perhaps, where we come in.

There is no way you should accept a loss because of someone else’ negligence. As far making a fuss, well we can do that on your behalf, whether the problem involved a pop-up toaster, a car, a holiday or just about anything else for which you or someone you know has handed over money.

Even better news is that by letting us do all the hard work, it might not personally cost you anything.

Don’t leave it too late. Get in touch with us now.

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