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Medical Negligence Claim

Medical or “clinical” negligence is where the level of care that is provided by a medical practitioner / professional for example a Doctor, Nurse, Surgeon or Dentist falls below an acceptable standard.

Medical negligence cases are often determined with reference to medical evidence dealing with two key issues.

The first issue taken into consideration is “liability” i.e. was the level of care substandard – to the point where it cannot be supported by the vast majority of similar medical professionals.

Secondly, it is necessary to show that the negligence has caused or at least contributed to the injuries that have been sustained.

Why Choose our Medical Negligence Solicitors?

Marlow Braide Solicitors work closely with a panel of medical experts from a variety of medical disciplines to help evaluate your case at a very early stage.

Medical Negligence can be a very complicated area of law. However, with our professional expertise and know-how you can relax with your mind at ease while we get on with the job of securing your compensation which you are entitled to.

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Do I need a solicitor to make a Clinical Negligence Claims?

Yes, making a clinical negligence claim are evidence-based and can be very complex. A Claimant will need to satisfy a Court that they were owed a duty of care, that the medical practitioner failed to provide an appropriate standard of care and, that the breach of duty caused or contributed to the losses claimed.

Defendants routinely deny liability on behalf of their clients, meaning that it is often important to obtain medical evidence in advance of writing a formal letter of claim, carefully detailing all the allegations. The choice of medical expert is also very important – medicine is often a “grey” area and there are sometimes a number of different ways to approach a medical issue, highlighting the need to get an experienced, supportive medical expert on board at an early stage.

Is it worth pursuing a Clinical Negligence Claim?

Yes, a successful claim will provide a Claimant with compensation in relation to the pain, suffering and loss of amenity sustained. Additionally, damages will cover all losses suffered to date as well as future anticipated losses.

Unfortunately,  not all clinical negligence claims are successful, however, Claimants often find that discussing a potential claim with a suitably qualified, experienced medical practitioner from the same field of medicine can provide answers and can often unable a Claimant to “draw a line” under the matter, even if they decide not to proceed with a case.

How long does a claim take to settle?

This depends upon the complexity of the matter, generally, the large the claim, the longer the claim will take. It is important to be aware of limitation considerations. A Claimant generally has 3 years from the date of incident, or date of knowledge, to issue Court proceedings.

How long after the medical negligence can you make a claim?

It is important to be aware of limitation considerations. A Claimant generally has 3 years from the date of incident, or date of knowledge, to issue Court proceedings.

How much do solicitors charge?

We will operate on a no win-no fee basis, subject to a Conditional Fee Agreement providing for a maximum of 25% deduction from damages, to include VAT, applicable to past losses, re losses which have already occurred at the date of settlement.

We may require a claimant to meet the costs of obtaining a “ Screening “ report from a medical expert at the outset, proving an early indication as to the merits of a potential claim. The costs of this will usually be recoverable at the successful conclusion of the matter.

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