Industrial deafness, disease and injury in Stockport

Stockport has a proud industrial heritage. From the world’s first mechanised silk factory in the 18th century, to contributing to a major turning point in history in the 19th century – with the cotton manufacturing of the industrial revolution. Stockport was also the centre of the hatting trade, and by 1884 was exporting six million hats a year.

Employers of machine production workers have a strict duty to provide a safe environment for all of their employees, and there are very strict guidelines that have to be adhered to at all times.

Nearly a quarter of a million workers in the United Kingdom suffer from hearing problems after working in noisy conditions. The two most common ailments are industrial deafness and tinnitus. Both of these can either develop over years or come upon suddenly after a major trauma.

Industrial disease can also have permanent effects, and get worse over time. And like industrial deafness, you could be feeling the consequences, or developing the side effects and symptoms, even if you are no longer working. Frequent industrial disease claims include damage to the lungs from exposure to asbestos, or from inhalation of dust from coal mines, factories, foundries or quarries. Working with aniline dyes and chemicals can cause bladder problems, and asthma can be triggered from both chemicals and dust. Handling wood saws, drills and other vibrating tools can cause hand and arm injuries, and skin irritations, cancer and dermatitis can be caused from irritant fumes or chemical contact.

Here at Marlow Braide, we have a team of specialist medical experts who can not only evaluate as early as possible whether you can make a claim for maximum compensation, but will also aid and assist you in your recovery, and help you cope with the losses or medical condition brought upon by industrial deafness or disease. We can organise specialist medical treatment and equipment for you, and help get your life back on track.

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